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Personal Training

I have worked with several personal trainers and Karen stands out as the most natural, honest and inspiring. I always wanted to work hard with Karen because I always knew she was working hard for me. I know that Karen truly wanted me to succeed and that inspired a great deal of motivation on my part. My parents also worked with Karen and their time working with her was the most dedicated and motivated I’ve ever seen them taking care of themselves. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking for a personal trainer how is knowledgeable and fun.
~Katie, 31

Karen was my personal trainer for a five month period of time. I had been an “on again/off again” exerciser for most of my life. I never really enjoyed exercise but felt in spurts compelled to participate mostly to manage my weight. Working with Karen actually changed my feelings around exercise. She was patient, understood my frustrations and encouraged me to continue. Because she got the emotional part, she was able to help me change the physical parts as well. I showed up, often reluctantly, until exercise sort of just began to click for me. Now, if I go too long, I actually miss it. Not the grueling, huffing and puffing part. I will probably never miss that. But I miss the feeling of accomplishment and the rush I have after a hard session. This shift in perspective is the biggest accomplishment I credit Karen in helping me achieve. She is a guide and an asset to a community that often focuses on the numbers on the scale and our jeans instead of the inner road blocks holding us back.
~Amanda, 46

Wellness Coaching

I worked with Karen for a eighteen week coaching package and found the experience to be very rewarding. I had never worked with a coach before and was impressed with Karen’s integrative approach to wellness. I had the feeling that her educational background, in addition to her warmth and authentic nature made working with her stand out from other attempts I had made with various professionals in pursuing healthier lifestyle practices. Together we worked to understand my personal triggers and the obstacles that were standing in the way of my success with diet and exercise. We co- created a comprehensive action plan that gave me specific and attainable goals to work towards each week. In eighteen weeks I managed to establish a regular exercise routine and challenge and change old habits that sabotaged my best efforts and replace them with new thinking that supported my success. I am currently down 12lbs, but more than anything I feel in control and optimistic around my health for the first time in years. Thank you Karen for your guidance and support!
~Susan, age 52

Karen was my wellness coach for six months last year. It was the best personal investment I made in my health in my adult life. I was hesitant to work with someone around cleaning up my diet and behaviors I had adopted towards food after years of failed attempts. I have struggled with emotional eating since my teens and had short lived success losing and keeping off weight only to eventually regain the lost weight and then some. Feelings of frustration and failure were always with me. Karen helped me to begin to see that the process of dieting and restriction actually often leads to eventually overeating. She taught me ways to challenge the faulty “tapes” playing in my head and approach this problem in a new way. I felt understood and validated in my years of struggle and she offered me tangible skills to change my habituated behaviors. Mindfulness and setting small and achievable goals helped me to begin to develop a healthier relationship with food and exercise. Karen is easy going, fun and encouraging. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with these type of issues.
~Jen, age 38

I hired Karen as my wellness coach last year and worked with her for a period of twelve weeks. In a relatively small amount of time Karen was able to help me establish a list of short and long term goals and assist me in structuring an action plan to make small, incremental changes that all added up to having success and making positive steps towards lifestyle changes that I had previously found daunting. Karen is warm and funny, often making me feel comfortable working on and discussing issues that were difficult. She has a real enthusiasm for her work that showed up in all of our sessions.
~John, age 45

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