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Therapy Testimonials

I began seeing Karen without any real purpose other than lessing the anxiety I was having too regularly but could not readily account for. As time evolved, “the culprit” that emerged was the inevitable transition I was immersed in, going from single parenting to adapting to children living successfully on their own away from Maine. As we pursued this, the questions for me- what now?-and what next? emerged. Karen was insightful, thoughtful, and encouraging in our work together. She assisted me in navigating this new path, helping me to both uncover and re-discover dimensions of my life I had lost sight of, as well as to plot new directions for exploration and discovery. I am deeply grateful and appreciative to her style, approach and constant support. I looked forward to our sessions together and for the time afterward to reflect and move forward.
~Luisa, 63

My work with Karen provided me with a set of skills that I had not been able to acquire anywhere or with anyone else. Karen’s ability to connect on a personal level, reflect upon her own life experiences and empathically guide her clients on a path we all share; life, is what separates her from any other counselor I’ve worked with. Not only does she provide her own recommendations and guidance, but she does not hesitate to direct her clients to trusted resources such as inspirational authors and speakers that have enlightened her work as well as been of assistance to her dynamic life in some supportive way. I have, and will continue to recommend friends and family looking for a trusting, down-to-earth individual to explore their feelings and thoughts with.
~Hannah, 24

Words can not adequately express my experience working with Karen. I am a professional woman, raising children but continually struggling with my personal life. The last year that I have spent with Karen has changed me in so many ways. I now THINK and ACT differently. She has touched my life in such a profound way. From daily self confidence/esteem issues to learning how to deal with my emotions, and more importantly making positive choices for ME, Karen’s wisdom is a blessing in my life. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone.
~Julie, 45

I worked with Karen over a six month period last year helping me through a difficult time in my life when I was going through the process of divorce and the loss of my mother. Everything in my life felt upside down and meeting with Karen each week was a safe place to go and just talk about all my stress. She was warm and allowed me to gain new insights into my current situation without allowing me to continue to beat myself up for my past mistakes. I still have a lot of stress in my life but Karen has helped me develop skills to be able to manage that better and not feel as overwhelmed. I am very grateful for her help.
~Jeremy, 44

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