Offering psychotherapy, wellness coaching, personal training and group
workshops to encourage positive change and growth in your life.

Group Psychotherapy

The group therapy experience is a powerful catalyst for healing and change. Groups are also a wonderful addition to individual therapy or a toe-in-the water experience for those who are not sure about therapy.

In group therapy I provide you with a safe, supportive, confidential, therapeutic environment to resolve relational problems so you can cultivate and maintain deep, lasting, harmonious emotional connections with others.

Personal problems are often interpersonal in nature. In your daily life you may consciously or subconsciously create blocks in relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

In Group Therapy, you re-create the same issues you have with people in your life, but in a safe, confidential setting where you can receive honest, constructive feedback about how you come across to others, and experiment with new, healthier forms of interpersonal communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

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