Offering psychotherapy, wellness coaching, personal training and group
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My style integrates a variety of approaches, such as psycho-dynamic and client centered, solution focused and cognitive-behavior therapy. I am strongly psycho-educational and use cognitive behavioral and mindfulness based techniques to help clients identify unhealthy thought patterns, and the connection to their feeling states. I am direct and action oriented, focusing on identifying obstacles that interfere with creating and maintaining meaningful and satisfying relationships and progress towards life goals. I believe that we must have some understanding of how our past experiences have shaped us and their influence on our current lives. This understanding is crucial to attaining the healthy relationships that will give us a sense of connection, joy, and belonging that we all need to thrive.

I specialize in counseling young adults, adults and couples experiencing anxiety, depression, having difficulty adjusting to transitions, dealing with grief, and issues of finding meaning in one’s life. I am experienced in working with women surrounding issues regarding body image and self-esteem, mind-body connection, eating disorders and mid-life transition.

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

Group Therapy

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