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Am I Hungry?®

In this Weight Loss Coaching Series you will learn and apply proven tools to lose weight and achieve the results you want.

The 8-week program includes: 1 – 50 minute session a week for 8 weeks, email support as needed, and Am I Hungry?® Workbook materials pertaining to weekly discussion topics.

Is this program for you?

  • Are you confused about what to eat to lose weight?
  • Do you feel deprived and then over indulge?
  • Do you have a poor self-image?
  •  Do you question if you can really drop the pounds you want?
  • Are you eating foods that you know aren’t good for you?

You will learn to:

  • Identify and overcome sabotaging thoughts
  • Connect with and learn to listen to your body
  • Set, achieve and celebrate short and long term goals
  • Let go of guilt and shame around food and body image

Week 1 – In Charge, Not In Control

Participants will learn how the Eating Cycle can help them identify their weight management challenges and work with them to develop specific strategies to resolve those issues without deprivation or guilt.

Week 2 – Trust Your Gut Instincts

Participants will learn to recognize the hunger and satisfaction cues that guide food choices and portion sizes which is the foundation for natural lifelong weight management. Participants will also learn how to utilize a Hunger and Fullness Scale.

Week 3 – It’s Not About the Food

Participants will learn how to address non-hunger cues for eating in order to meet their true needs in more productive ways than eating.

Week 4 – Head Hunger

Participants will learn specific strategies for reducing and coping with their physical, environmental and emotional triggers for overeating.

Week 5 – Goodbye Guilt

Participants will learn strategies to balance eating for health with eating for enjoyment and a powerful exercise to help get rid of guilt over eating their “forbidden foods.”

Week 6 – Mindful Eating

Participants will learn to use intention and attention to help them hone their instinctive eating skills through mindful eating.

Week 7 – Just Right

Participants will learn specific strategies for eating the perfect amount of food. They will also learn how to use the Eating Cycle to address an overeating episode and decrease the likelihood of recurrence.

Week 8 – Self-Care Buffer Zone

Participants will learn the importance and methods for investing energy in the health of the body, mind, heart, and spirit for long term weight management.

Karen offers the Am I Hungry?® program for both individuals and groups. Please email or call Karen to find a time that meets your scheduling needs. The cost of individual sessions can be billed under your insurance provider in most cases.

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